Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They Say it's my Birthday...

and it is!

I'm used to being frozen and miserable on my birthday. Miserable because it's cold, not miserable in general. It's been 70 degrees the last couple of days... still 62 at midnight. I don't think it's really my birthday. Who's tricking me?

Okay, seriously now. I'm missing all of my Boise friends, missing Girls' Weekend this year, missing Santa Rampage... I usually start celebrating a month in advance! I was told by my friend, Chad, that he thinks you can celebrate for the amount of days equal to the number of years you are. That sounds good to me. He also said, take 2 weeks now, 2 weeks in June (because I said I'm moving my birthday to June) and just sprinkle the rest around the rest of the year. I like that idea even better!

Brian and Tiffany's 10th Annual Glog Party is this Friday. I still need to get a dress to wear, better get on that A.S.A.P. Should be lots of fun. A big get-together with Glog, lots of yummy food and plenty of people. We get to dress up all fancy too!

Wish I could have ALL of my loved ones here with me!

P.S. It's Rio's birthday too! He's 3 years old today. :)

( a couple of baby pictures of my sweetie poo.)

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