Sunday, October 18, 2009

One night at the dance hall...

My first night "going out" in Austin was last night. Tiffany & I went to the the Broken Spoke, last of the true Texas dance halls, to see Brian's band, The Derailers, play. The place was crowded and the dance floor was full.

The proprietor, James White, is a friendly man with a lot of wonderful memories to share... and a killer fashion sense!

There's memorabilia and photographs everywhere. Including treasures such as these:

(painting done by James White, himself.)

Of course, the band entertained the entire time (James White even joined in):


At the end of the night, Tiffany and I went for a night cap to a place called Giddy-Ups.  Quite a fine little local dive. All in all it was a great night and I can't wait for more!


SarahDee said...

Oh Fun!!! :) I'm so glad you got to see your brother's band too. You look beautiful, you!

Anonymous said...

Your new boyfriend is hot. -Brittany

Olive Owl said...

Thanks Sarah! :) It was a lot of fun to see him play in their hometown!

Britt - I know you like older men, but this one's off limits, ok? ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! Finally got this to work. I love reading your blogs and seeing the photos. Yea, he is much too old, your granma would not approve! - MOM